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"Aging Outside the Box® ~ Talk Radio With A Twist" Syndicated Radio Show is a Weekly One-Hour LIVE Broadcast Show "Airing" every Thursday night at 6PM-CST with "The Golden Egg of Aging™" ~ Celebrity Radio Talk Show Host Shirley W. Mitchell. The Show features Special Guests and Important Topics like Aging, Baby Boomers, Seniors and Senior Lifestyles, Over 50, Women’s and Men's Issues, Health, Diet, Exercise, Fashion, Beauty, Nutrition, Faith, Travel, Reference, Culinary and Literary, along with some of the most important Medical Information of today as we interview Authors, Writers, Speakers, Artists and, Business, Medical and Media Professionals. "Aging Outside the Box®" Syndicated Radio Show is produced by Lighthouse Coastal Productions™ and Lighthouse News Bureau™, a Media, Marketing and Promotions Group. Shirley W. Mitchell, a Client of our Agency, is the owner of the Aging Outside the Box® Syndicated Media Group consisting of Aging Outside the Box ®, Fabulous after 50® and Sensational after 60®. All Ms. Mitchell's venues are managed from the office studio located at 466 Sardis Cutoff Road Sardis City, AL.

This is Season Nine - May 2013 on "Aging Outside the Box®". We are dedicating this space to Show Material for each of the "Special Guests" - Laura V. Hilton, Jennifer AlLee, Lisa Karon Richardson, and Carl David that will be appearing on the upcoming Programs: Forgiveness-Paving Future Paths, Gambling On A Chance, and Saving, Surviving Suicide.

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May 2, 2013 ~

HOST: SHIRLEY W. MITCHELL, National Author/Writer/Columnist/Speaker


EPISODE DESCRIPTION: This week Host Shirley W. Mitchell will be joined by her "Guest" , as they discuss "" with... .


May 9, 2013 ~ Laura V. Hilton May 9, 2013 ~ Laura V. Hilton

HOST: SHIRLEY W. MITCHELL, National Author/Writer/Columnist/Speaker


EPISODE DESCRIPTION: This week Host Shirley W. Mitchell will be joined by her "Guest" Laura V. Hilton, Home-Schooling Mother, Professional Book Reviewer for The Christian Book Market, Staff Member at Christian Suspense Zone, and Award Winning Amish Author of 7 books including "Surrendered Love" - Book #2 in the Amish Of Webster County Series as they discuss "Forgiveness-Paving Future Paths" with... Kindling A Dream, Surrendered Love and Testing Love's Limits.

GUEST: Laura V. Hilton, a Pastor's Wife, graduated with a Business Degree from Ozarka Technical College in Melbourne, Arkansas. Laura is a Professional Book Reviewer for the Christian Market, with more than a thousand reviews published on the Web. Prior to "Surrendered Love", and her 4 other Amish Novels with Whitaker House, Healing Love, Patchwork Dream, A Harvest Of Hearts and Promised To Another, she published two novels with Treble Heart Books - "Hot Chocolate" and "Shadows of the Past", as well as several devotionals. She’s also one of the contributors to the Zondervan devotional, "It’s The Year Life Verse Devotional". While she did not grow up in an Amish community, Laura has become an expert in Amish customs and traditions, learning from her grandparents who are Pennsylvania Amish. A member of the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) for whom she writes reviews on primarily Amish fiction for ACFW ezine and Afictionado, Laura is also on staff at the Christian Suspense Zone. She’s written for a wide variety of Internet sites including Dancing Word, Faith Webbin, A Romance Review, and Christian Review of Books. Laura and her husband, Steve make their home in Arkansas with their five children whom Laura homeschools. Laura is also a breast cancer survivor.

Surrendered Love - Book #2 in the Amish Of Webster County Series - ISBN# 1603745076 by Laura V. Hilton with Whitaker House  Surrendered Love - Book #2 Amish Of Webster County Series - ISBN# 1603745076 by Laura V. Hilton with Whitaker House

BOOK: Janna Kauffman enjoys her job as a personal shopper for the homebound in her Amish community. But when Janna's niece, Meghan, comes to live with her family—part of a plan by Janna's sister to rid her daughter of her rebellious ways—Janna spends less time shopping and more time explaining Meghan's erratic behavior to local police officer Hiram "Troy" Troyer, who was raised Amish but left the faith after a fatal accident that killed his brother and also a brother of Janna's. Frequent interactions draw Janna and Troy together, rekindling an attraction they first experienced in their youth. What will become of their relationship? And will headstrong Meghan ever tame her ways?



May 16, 2013 ~ Jennifer AlLee & Lisa Karon Richardson May 16, 2013 ~ Jennifer AlLee & Lisa Karon Richardson

HOST: SHIRLEY W. MITCHELL, National Author/Writer/Columnist/Speaker


EPISODE DESCRIPTION: This week Host Shirley W. Mitchell will be joined by her "Guests" Jennifer AlLee and Lisa Karon Richardson, Writers and Co-Authors of an Historical Romance, "Diamonds In The Rough" with Whitaker House as they discuss "Gambling On A Chance" with... Starting New Adventures, Diamonds In The Rough and The Fascination of Historical Romance.


May 23, 2013 ~

May 30, 2013 ~ Carl David May 30, 2013 ~ Carl David

HOST: SHIRLEY W. MITCHELL, National Author/Writer/Columnist/Speaker


EPISODE DESCRIPTION: This week Host Shirley W. Mitchell will be joined by her "Guest" Carl David, Owner of David David - a Four Generation Family Art Business in Philadelphia, Resident Editor of Fly Away Simulation.com and Author of "Collecting & Care of Fine Art" and "Bader Field" as they discuss "Saving, Surviving Suicide" with... Learning to Live, Exposure and Education and Bader Field.

GUEST: Carl David, Owner of David David - a Four Generation Family Art Business in Philadelphia. Carl is the third generation of David David, which was founded by his Grandfather, David David, circa 1910, specializing in American and European seventeenth, eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth century paintings, watercolors, sculptures and drawings. Carl earned a Bachelor of Arts with a degree in business in 1970 from Oglethorpe College in Atlanta, Georgia. Using his knowledge of the fine arts, Carl has taught “Collecting Fine Art” at Main Line School Night, and served as a guest lecturer at the Philadelphia Library, the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and the U.S. Artists Exhibition (2004–2006). Carl is constantly being queried by the various art journals and financial magazines for his perspective on the state of the art markets. In light of the fact that the gallery has been in business since 1910, it is considered to be a standard in the industry and is given the utmost of respect for its integrity, knowledge and pursuit of excellence.

Carl is the Author of Collecting and Care of Fine Art published by Crown Publishers and Bader Field. His article “Martha Walter” appeared in the May 1978 issue of American Art Review. As a philanthropist, David has used art as a backdrop to organize and produce fundraising exhibitions for the Washington, D.C. branch of the National Center For Missing & Exploited Children, the Delaware Valley Burn Foundation, The American Red Cross and The Make a Wish Foundation.

Carl has given appraisals and consultations for: the Brandywine River Museum, American Bar Association, The White House, Office of the Attorney General, State of New York, FBI, State Department, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Union League Club of Philadelphia, Buck Hill Falls Art Association and many more. Along with his expert interest and career as an art dealer, Carl has serious involvement in both music and photography. He does all of the gallery photography work and has several photographic images hosted on Webshots.com and istockphoto.com. His specialties are atmospheric, landscape and travel always with emphasis on the beauty of nature.

Bader Field - ISBN # 1933449667 by Carl David with Nightengale Press  Bader Field - ISBN # 1933449667 by Carl David with Nightengale Press  Facebook - Carl David     twitter - Carl David   LinkedIn - Carl David

Book: Bader Field, embodies the emotional story of a son's loving relationship with his father—a legendary art dealer whose life is suddenly taken by a massive coronary at the young age of fifty-eight years. His death plunges the twenty-four-year-old man onto the front lines of the family art business, which he had entered a mere three years prior. Battling with his own grief while trying to help his adoring but fragile mother survive, David forges forward with all of the elemental tools his father imparted to him. His journey proves a difficult one, not having yet recovered from the horrific loss of his brother to suicide just eight years earlier when he was found dead on the fourth floor of the Rittenhouse Square townhouse, which was home to the prestigious David David Gallery. His self-imposed obligation is to successfully take the family art business to the next generation and to give his own children every bit of love, kindness, and wisdom bestowed upon him by the unique man whom they will never know other than the mark he left on everyone who knew him. Bader Field adds significant insight into the mysterious workings and dealings of the art world. David speaks from experience of having been immersed in it all of his life and having lived it from the inside out. There will be a tremendous crossover interest in this book as it combines the elements of an American family, its goodness and its tragedy interfaced with the multifaceted aspects of the art business and flying small airplanes. Bader Field in Atlantic City was the oldest airfield in the country. With little sophistication, its two asphalt runways juggled single and twin engine aircraft exuded a character and charm that created memories to last a lifetime. That is where this saga begins and where it ends as life comes full circle.


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